The Big Bench Program (7 Weeks)

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This 7 Week Bench-Only Program is designed to both build your bench press strength and increase your upper body muscle mass at the same time! You will be benching 3 days a week, with each day being a different variation, weight, rep and set scheme! This is a percentage-based program with each week tying into the next, very carefully. 

Upon creating this, I wanted a program that would be FUN to run as well as help me improve my own bench press. I think you will enjoy how quickly and often you get to work with exciting weights and enjoyable rep ranges while STILL building hypertrophy and strength, efficiently! 

I have included a full "upper body day" (shoulders and arms) in two of the days and a "back day" in one of them. Building the surrounding muscles such as the shoulders, arms and back are essential to building a strong bench, and the added benefit of developing a jacked upper body is pretty awesome, too! 

This program is BENCH ONLY! Meaning there is NO squatting or deadlifting programmed in here! Because of this, you can actually insert this program INTO other programs that DO include the squat and the deadlift (like my Lean Strength Program). I have included detailed instructions, explanations and even included videos on how to do certain movements properly, inside this program! Enjoy! 

This program is for ANYONE who simply wants to get stronger! Not just powerlifters, but if you do compete, you CAN use this program to peak your bench for a meet! 

No Refunds are available after purchase due to being a downloadable product.