Exercise Form Consultation

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One of my favorite things to do, is help improve someone's form. Technique is SO important when it comes to moving as much weight as possible. The smallest adjustment of grip, foot stance, elbow positioning and even breathing can make the difference between being stuck at a weight for years or hitting a new max! 

I have worked with the best strength coaches as well as studied and applied biomechanics over the past half-decade to bring my own lifts up. I have since begun helping numerous people correct and improve their form to better their lifts with great success! I am now excited to take this task on, full time.

When you order this, you will receive an e-mail from me within 24 hours, giving you directions on how to proceed. It is simple, you will need to send me two videos from two different angles of the lift you want me to help you with. My email will give you the rest of the details and we will go from there until progress is made! 

Please note that 1 order = 1 exercise. If you want help with multiple exercises they must come in individual orders. This is so I can provide the best quality and focus in helping you improve, one exercise at a time! 

My specialty is of course the power movements - Squat, bench and deadlifts but I am qualified and happy to assist in any exercise right down to curls and calf raises.

NO OLYMPIC LIFTS as they are no an area of expertise for me!

No refunds unless I am flat-out unable to assist you.