About Nick

    I began training as a young, undersized, and weak 14-year-old freshman in high school. My arms were 11.5” flexed, and I weighed 104 pounds (47kg). I quickly became obsessed with bodybuilding and gaining strength, which drove me to step onto my first bodybuilding stage at 15-years-old. From then, until my early twenties I competed in--and went on to win--several shows on a regional level, all the way up to an international level. Doing this ultimately led to me becoming the first drug-tested teen bodybuilder on the cover of a magazine in 2010. Upon entering my early twenties I switched my sights onto the strength side of fitness, and at 23 years old I entered my first powerlifting meet. I continued to compete in and win multiple drug-tested meets at a local and regional level. As I entered my late twenties I decided it was time to start combining the best of both worlds: doing a bodybuilding-style diet--dropping body fat and building muscle--while still maintaining the powerlifting training style. This hybrid of both worlds is also known as powerbuilding. I fell in love it and have never looked back, since!
Using over a decade of training and studying nutritional science, biomechanics, and human physiology, I have managed to squat over 600 pounds (273kg), bench 425 pounds  (193kg), and deadlift 650 pounds (295kg). I have done this all around dieting and reuniting with the bodybuilding stage--having successfully competed in June 2019, in what was my first bodybuilding show in 7 years. I am also proud to note that I have done all of this while weighing under 200 pounds (90kg).

   I have passionately shared what I know on YouTube for years and years through free videos that have generated over a quarter million subscribers, with over 70 million views, worldwide. Now, my plan is to help others take their own fitness goals to the next level by sharing even more detailed programs, guides, and books. I want to help other lifters grow to their full potential!
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