The Lean Strength Program DELUXE

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I spend a lot of time going over each exercise - especially the strength movements - right on video. I not only verbally explain each exercise better, but demonstrate it as well. Over 20 minutes of video footage that only YOU have access to, where I cover not just form, technique, dos and don'ts, but also get to answer frequently asked questions before you even need to ask them!


About The Program:


This 8 week program is designed to maintain, as well as build, strength, and also build the physique during a diet. When calories are low, energy and strength in the gym goes down, especially once body weight begins to drop. It becomes harder to recover between workouts, as well as push through heavy weight for multiple reps and sets. This program focuses on the fundamentals of strength training: volume, frequency, and intensity; while balancing them all perfectly to compensate for the lower calories and energy, PLUS allowing you to focus on building the physique you want on top of the strength. 

This program can be used by advanced lifters during a cutting phase, as well as a beginner who is NOT dieting, but looking to get a solid start at strength training. The adjusted intensity and volume of this program allows for peaking your strength, maximizing muscle hypertrophy, and getting optimal recovery, ultimately making it perfect for the seasoned lifter on lower calories, as well as the novice strength enthusiast on a bulk. 

This program consists of 5 training days per week and runs for 8 weeks with the option to max out or simply work up to heavy training before restarting. This program can and should be repeated after each cycle ends. 

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