Video Consultation (Exercise Form)

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You're hiring me for life!

Correcting and improving form has been one of my all time favorite things to do for lifters! Optimizing technique and form isn't just for safety, it's needed to move the most amount of weight possible! Elbow positioning, grip, footing, stance, breathing and many other, tiny details that go overlooked can make or break you! I was stuck squatting mid-400s for almost two years. Once I finally adjusted me technique, my squat shot up into the mid-500s within months! 

This is not a LIVE video consultation. I will email you within 24 hours of ordering this with instructions and you will send me two videos (two different angles) of the lift you want help with. I will then respond with a video of my own that I record specifically for you to follow! I've always done my best teaching in person or on-camera where I can demonstrate what I am trying to teach so you can see it and understand it, that much better. My videos will be personalized to YOU and what you need to improve your lifts! 

1 Order = 1 exercise. If you want help with multiple exercises, each one must come in it's own order. This is so I can put 100% of my focus and effort into each lift at a time for you! Once you order, there is no limit to how many times we can email back and fourth. I am happy to continue until your form has been improved! 

My specialty is power movements - Squat, bench and deadlift, but I am qualified and happy to help in any exercise right down to calf raises and curls. 

NO OLYMPIC LIFTS - They are not my area of focus or expertise. 

No refunds unless I am flat-out unable to assist you.